Company Culture

■ Logo interpretation     

The logo of Shandong Tianming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of deformed art characters of the initials "T" and "M" of the Chinese pinyin of "Tianming".

The color design of    is fiery red and dark blue, reflecting the service direction of "Tianming" products: fiery red represents the smelting color, representing the metallurgical equipment market of steel enterprises; dark blue represents the color of sea water, representing the engineering market of hydraulic enterprises.

The meaning of the marked hieroglyphs: the red icon is a pictogram of the sun, which is a symbol of "fire", which means that the company is like a booming red day, and it means that the company is booming, and at the same time, "fire" is a metallurgical enterprise The main production factors, metallurgical enterprises are also the main market of "Tianming"; the blue icon is the pictogram of "water", which means "Tianming" has great waves and smooth wind. At the same time, "water" is the essential factor for the growth of everything in the world. "Tianming" serves the foundation of the hydraulic enterprise, and it is also the source of mutual coexistence between Tianming and hydraulic customers.

The harmonious icon composed of fire red and dark blue, as if under a round of red sun, three dolphins emerged from the calm sea, jumping forward and moving forward bravely! It symbolizes "Tianming" Lingyun's lofty ambition of being lofty, working hard, indomitable, self-improving, and pursuing excellence!

■ Enterprise goal: domestic leading product quality, internationally advanced technology and equipment

Domestic leading product quality: continue to improve our company’s unique large-scale non-standard lost foam casting production line and proprietary process technology, and stabilize the leading position of hydraulic embedded products in the country with domestic leading product quality; continue to improve the ironmaking blast furnace cooling stave series Product quality: Appearance quality is close to precision casting; ductile iron cooling stave core elongation rate is stable above 8%, tensile strength above 380MPa; metallurgical bonding rate of cast steel cooling stave water pipe and wall is stable above 95%; cooling stave And the finished product rate of hot blast stove series products is ≥98.5%, and the finished product rate of hydraulic embedded parts and heat-resistant and wear-resistant parts is ≥95%, creating an advanced production base for domestic casting products.

Internationally advanced technology and equipment: fusion of mature and advanced casting technology and new technology, innovatively designed lost foam production line with completely independent intellectual property rights, with: high automation, high production efficiency, good product quality, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly, and operation Reliable and remarkable features, technology, craftsmanship and equipment level have the international advanced status.

Shandong Tianming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.