Production equipment

The company’s main equipment includes 3 5+10 ton series intermediate frequency induction furnaces, 2 large non-standard castings lost foam production lines, 2 heat treatment furnaces, multiple machining equipment such as planer type milling machine, end face milling machinery, and complete lifting and transportation equipment. The annual production capacity reaches 50,000 tons of castings and 5,000 tons of structural parts. Intermediate frequency electric furnace: 3 sets of -10T series intermediate frequency coreless induction electric furnace can produce up to 14.5 tons of steel castings and 17 tons of iron castings. All the castings of the company are smelted with an intermediate frequency electric furnace. Due to the strong electromagnetic stirring during the smelting process, the composition of the castings is uniform, and liqid steel is produced at a high temperature and accurately controlled.